7-2 English Language Arts

Ms. D'Water

3rd Quarter

I cannot believe we are already in the 4th quarter of the school year! Time is flying by. We began 3rd quarter by reading a book called Nory Ryan's Song about a girl surviving the Irish potato famine. This launched us into our unit about immigration which we are currently finishing. As we wrap up, students are writing their immigration research papers on topics that were picked by them. We are right in the thick of the writing process! Expository writing is very different from the narrative writing we did earlier in the year. Right now students are crafting thesis statements, working on topic sentences, and perfecting their transition sentences. I can't wait to see the finished product! Ask your child to show you what they've been working on!

Japanese Internment Camp Survivors

Thanks to A Walk in Their Shoes, our students had the amazing opportunity to see two survivors speak about their experiences in Japanese internment camps and how baseball brought them hope during dark times. Read the full story here.
Watch 'Price Of Liberty' Video

Independent Reading

Students should always have a book for independent reading that they have chosen themselves. It is an expectation that students read approximately 15 minutes each day of the week in addition to the 30 minutes I set aside for silent reading every Monday in class. This should amount to students reading at least two hours a week total! Based on students' individual reading rates, they set a goal for themselves each week. I check in with them every Monday to see how they are progressing in their independent reading. Please encourage your child to read at home! The more they read, the better readers they will become. :)

New Books in the Classroom Library

I am always looking to expand our classroom library! Scholastic book orders earn points for the class that are used to get new books - there's a new one every month! Current book orders are due Friday, April 15th. Additionally, if you are ever looking to get rid of books, we will gladly take them. :)

Ms. April D'Water

7-2 English Language Arts teacher

Horace Mann Middle School