Keep Calm and Teach On

Important Dates-May 2, 2016

May 2

Kindergarten Operation Success (3 teachers + 3)

Kindergarten Kick-Off + PTA Visits>Kindergarten grade level teachers 6:30 PM

May 3 (J + Purple WHE)

M. Mitchell visits all day>PD on students with special needs in the regular classroom-During planning times (Janet and Sara all day)

Operation Success>6th grade Reading and Math (3 teachers + 3)

Pizza with PTA 6:00-7:00 PM>Need teacher volunteers to help

May 4 (J + WHE)

D-Hall 2nd grade supervises

6th grade Native Spanish Testing-1:30 PM

Operation Success>5th grade Science 3 teachers + 2

Operation Success>4th grade Math (3 teachers)

May 5 (J + WHE)

6th grade immunization outreach--8:00 AM

6th grade to CTE-8:45-10:30 AM

Cinco de Mayo Celebration--sign up on the padlet.

Faculty Meeting=SMILEE

May 6 (J+Street Clothes or WHE)

1st grade visits the Omni

6th grade schedules due for Jr. Highs

6th grade Data Analysis Social Studies CBA #2

May 9 (J+WHE)

STAAR>Math 3rd, 4th, 6th and Retest 5th (Pizza for ALL staff)

May 10 (J+WHE)

STAAR>Reading 3rd, 4th, 6th and Retest 5th (Taco Tuesday for ALL staff)

PTA Executive Board Meeting>3:15PM

May 11 (J+WHE)

STAAR>5th Science (ONLY those involved in testing-lunch provided)

May 12 (J+WHE)

Faculty Meeting 3:10>SMILEE Part 2

May 13 (J +street clothes or WHE)

Box Tops Due

Promotion/Retention Meetings> K, 1st and 2nd

May 14

Run for Hope

May 16

CLIC Meeting 3:45 PM

May 17

Promotion/Retention Meetings>3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th

Cresswell Retirement Celebration>3:30-5:00 pm

Data Analysis Reading 3-D>Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

May 18

Award Ceremonies>Prek and 1st

D-Hall supervised by 1st grade

May 19

Award Ceremonies>Kindergarten and 2nd

Student Led Conferences/PTA>6:00-7:30 PM

May 20

Award Ceremonies>3rd and 4th

Class Lists due

6th grade visits the Ft. Worth Museum

Grades due by 4:00 PM

Important Information

*Re-Imaging will occur on May 23rd. Leave your computer docked and ready on May 20th--they begin at 7:00 AM on May 23rd.

Procedures for the May 23rd Teacher Re-image in the Elementary – Imaging per Campus

1. 1. Teacher will backup laptop and sign backup signoff sheet and leave under keyboard.

2. 2. CTA will check all signoff sheets prior to imaging day to make sure teacher has signed.

3. 3. Teacher will need to dock laptop early on the morning of reimaging.

4. 4. Teacher should not touch laptop at all the day of imaging because interruption could corrupt imaging and delay process.

5. 5. Tech Support /CTAs will start image at 7:00 AM on the 23rd mandatory.

6. 6. The tech and I will reinstall Smart, Elmo, Local printers, wireless and special software.

7. 7. CTA will Signoff Sheet when laptop is ready for teacher use.

8. 8. Teacher can install network printers and copy helpful teacher shortcuts following instructions left with laptop by CTA.

*Please make sure your website is updated today.

*Student Cum Files may not be removed from the OFFICE area. When you need to work on them it must be done in the office.

*Please let me know who will be attending the PTA with Pizza event on the summary form.

*Be sure to have students fill out a survey when Operation Success is complete. Turn in one form with the culminated data.

*Special Education Blitz for all Teachers-June 9,2016>great sessions on Co-Teaching, Behavior Strategies, Autism, Specially Designed Instruction, Grading, Sensory, Video Modeling, Specific Learning Disabilities---Come for one session or stay all day! 8-4 PMC

*Webinars on Helping Students with Disabilities> http://lead4ward.com/sped-eplc/ inspirehope is the password.

*Calendar update:

Thursday, May 26-Regular Work Day (moved from Saturday, May 28th)

Friday, May 27-Non Work Day

Saturday, May 28-Non Work Day

Monday, May 30-Memorial Day Holiday

*All teachers must take and pick up their own students from the cafeteria at lunch time.

*Please do not allow students to be in the lounge unattended.

-Lesson Plan requirements> Your lesson plans must have P(Learning Objective)DSA, Language Objective (from ELPS),

Quality Questions and High Yield Strategies.

-Reminder: If you are going to be absent you must call 817-894-5954 after you have requested a sub. Please make your arrangements in the sub system prior to 6:45 AM.

-Reminder: Turn a hard copy of your lesson plans to Rebecca on Friday by the end of the day or Monday AM for special education.

-If you are going to be absent please put in the sub-finder system before 6:45 AM and call me at 817-894-5954.

--Teachers must not be using personal cell phones during the school day. Cell phones should be locked up during the day, not on your person.

--Make sure that you are entering your grades with-in three days of the assignment.

--You MUST take the attendance twice—one at 8:00 AM and one at the 9:45 AM. This is a state law and it can be seen by the auditors and district personnel.

--Reminder>please be sure to check out in the office if you leave the building during the school day.

--Please keep Thursday afternoons open for Faculty Meetings.



Lindsey K.-5th

Jasmine T.-10th

Rebecca Henschen-16th

Becca R.-20th

Katrina C.-24th


Rafael H.-9th

Janet W.-24th

Heather H.-29th


Juan M.-22nd

Vision: to be a district and community leader by exemplifying character, honor, and academic excellence.

Mission: collaborate with our community to empower students to reach their greatest potential.


1. Do what’s right.

2. Perform with excellence.

3. Respect others.