Save The Rain forest!

One day the medicine could save you, so save the Rain forest

Life Saving Medicine!

120 prescription drugs sold worldwide today came from the rain forest. More than 2/3 of all medicine that have cancer-fighting properties come from rain forest plants! Some of the medicine from the rain forest are used to treat malaria, heart disease, diabetes, muscle tension, and many more. About 25% modern medicine are from the rain forest! We have only learned how to use only 1% the plants, imagine what the other 99% of plants could be used for. For an example the rosy periwinkle, that is found in Madagascar is used to cure leukemia.The Rauvolfa shrub in Asian and African forests is used for high blood pressure and mental illness.

How can we help in Michigan?

People cut down the rain forest to burn the wood for electricity! To save the rain forest use less electricity I'll give many ways how. First, Recycle as much stuff as you can maybe like cans, glass bottles, scrap metal, and etc. Instead of hot water use cold water in the washer whenever possible. Turn your heat down if you're cold put a sweatshirt on! Last, don't leave water running! By using less electricity it will make the companies that burn trees might go out of business.