Don't do it

Some Facts:

Cyber bullying is really hurtful and it can be very dangerous. Some people don't realize how wrong it is. Well first, it's against the law. You could get in big trouble for using false or private information and posting it online. It leads to negative thoughts and actions that the victim of being bullied can do to them and others. I do know that some people think it's easier to bully someone online or by texting them because you're not saying it face to face. You don't know how that person is feeling. Just because some people think it's right, doesn't mean it it.
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6 Tips

1. If you're being cyber bullied, tell an adult and they will help you.

2. Usually this kind of bullying happens on a social network, like Facebook or Twitter. Also, it's done by texting. So you're able to know who spread the rumors or gossip.

3. Don't feel ashamed of yourself if this does happen to you. Try to cal, down and have a more responsible person to talk to you.

4. If the bully does get caught, it will be okay because they will have to face the consequences. Not you.

5. Usually the only reason why people bully somebody is because they're are either jealous of you, don't like you, or they want revenge.

6. Cyber bullying is real, but there is always a way to help.