What I bought at Costco

By: Akshita Vanapamala


Anne needed to buy some Clorox wipes. For a 3 pack, the price was $15. She got a coupon for $3 off a 3 pack Clorox wipes. How much did she pay for the original price of one box of Clorox wipes?
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Anne went to get some clothes, her mom gave her $200 she wants to have at least $50 or more left so she can buy more groceries or other needs. Anne spends $10 for each pair of clothes. How many pairs of clothing can she buy to save some money to buy her groceries or other needs?
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Tire Center

Anne got a flat tire in her car. Costco fixes tires for $100 plus $15 an hour. SAMs club fixes you tires for $200 but $5 an hour. For how many hours would both stores have the same price?


Anne coaches 5 volleyball games, she has 24 students in all of her classes. She wants to give each of them one Gatorade bottle and one orange. A 24 Gatorade pack costs $15 and the 24 oranges in a bag cost $6. How much will she pay for the 5 Gatorade packs and the 5 bags of oranges?
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Why I chose Costco?

I chose Costco because, Costco almost has everything, and also I love Costco because they give food samples. So I thought I could do this project about buying from Costco, because it had all the shopping supplies I wanted to get.

This is the Costco website go get your memberships and buy from there now!!! 👍👌