Points of Pride

January 12, 2018

Instructional Focus...

Anyone ever have a kid that gets under your skin? Like they must wake up early in the morning to brainstorm ways to "push your buttons?"

Check out this TED Talks which is about how that child's most annoying trait might reveal their greatest strengths (try not to get goosebumps while watching). Think about that strong willed child, who's greatest strength could be perseverance. On a personal level, almost all of us have a trait that we could categorize as both a strength and a weakness (perfectionism, sensitivity, etc.).

For a jeans pass, send me a brief reflection on what you learned from the video. Think about that one kid (no names in the email) and what bugs you the most, and how you could try to cultivate that trait rather than "stomp it out."


Upcoming Events:

1/15: No School

1/17 @ 2:15: Math Standards Training #2

1/18 @ 7:30: Faculty Meeting (certified staff only)

1/19: Printer Installation at Settler's; Night of the Arts from 5:00-8:00

1/22: 100th Day of School; training for new printers during specials

1/23 @ 7:30: Leadership Team Meeting; 9-11-Yearbook Club Pictures

1/24: No Specials until after 12:00; PLC Day

1/26: 4th Grade Field Trip; @6:30-Dad's Club Movie Night

Shout Outs....

  • A huge thank you to Maria for helping me get 58 substitutes lined up for the upcoming Wendy Peterson trainings. This was a huge undertaking, and she executed it flawlessly!
  • Thank you to our amazing COPE team for excelling during our recent series of crises!
  • Rene and Kristy for facilitating our most recent round of MTSS meetings.
  • Thank you to Cathy for helping to plan our Carmen Agra Deedy field trip! Also to our 3-5 grade teachers that were flexible in the planning. The kids (and I) had a great time!
  • Thank you first grade for being patient while I was finding another IA to help. Pending reference checks, three people accepted positions on Friday and we could be full staffed in the coming weeks (knock on wood).
  • Jarred for covering Dad's Club for me so I could celebrate my daughter's birthday with the family!
  • Judi, Sandra, Adam, and Laura for helping to plan our first annual Night of the Arts. I am excited to make this an annual showcase of our fine arts programs.