its amazing App!

instegram its a new world

  • In instegram we can get pictures and videos

  • We can follow from other users and see they pictures

  • Anyone who follows me can see my pictures and videos
  • You can sign up this App in your phone


Instagram app is free to share photos and short videos. All sharing an image called post. The instagram developed by a company called instagram inc. The app allows you to follow other users using Instagram There you can view and respond to other users ' posts.

Many people began using instagram and currently has more than -200000000 million users.

History on instagram

Instagram created in 2010 in San Francisco, California. By two developers, Kevin sistoram and Mike Krieger.

The application was launched in October 2010 for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple.

Effect of instagram

Many businesses see the potential in using instagram to sell their products and post pictures of their products on instagram to promote sales.
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