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Intro to Silver

Silver is a metallic chemical element. Silver is the best conductor of heat of all elements. It is apart of the transition metals. At normal room temperature it is at a solid state. It is ductile and in its purest state, it has a lustrous sheen to it. Silver is located all over the world. The highest producer of silver is Mexico. Mexico has mined silver since 1546. Other large producers of this element are Australia, China, Russia, and Poland. Inside the United States, Nevada is the highest producer, but is also mined in Alaska and the eastern part of the country. Silver is used for coins and also many different kinds of jewelry. Silver nitrate used to be used in the eyes of newborns to kill the germs of STD's, but today antibiotics are used. There are also other common compounds such as silver chloride, silver oxide, silver sulfide, and silver nitrate. Silver is a less reactive metal but will react with nitric acid. Naturally occurring silver is composed of two stable isotopes.


  • Symbol Name- Ag
  • Melting Point- 1,763°F
  • Silver has been known also for its health properties, it has a natural resistance to different types of viruses and bacteria.
  • Because of its ability to take the highest polish, silver has a greater reflectivity than gold.
  • Mirrors are coated with silver because it reflects nearly all light.
  • Silver is a dental alloy and used to be used in in cavity fillings, now dentists have clear fillings that do not contain silver.

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