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Payton Bates is now forty years old, and she lives in Miami, Florida. She works as a doctor at the Miami Children's Hospital. Her husband plays for the Miami Heat with Morgan Morrissey’s husband. Payton Bates lives in a mansion on the coast of Florida. Her hobbies are to play with the kids in the hospital when she is at work. When she is not working she loves to go to the beach and swim, walk, or play with her dog. She has twins, a boy and a girl who are 16 years old. She loves to exercise with her friends and she always has a pool party when her husband and his team win a basketball game. She went to school at Bel Air Elementary, she went to Norfolk Junior High, then to Norfolk Senior High school. She went to college at UNL in Lincoln. Payton went to school there to become a Doctor. While she was there she played for the Huskers volleyball team. Then when she graduated she met her husband and they moved to Miami and got married on the beach. She got a job at the Children's Hospital, while her husband got his job with his best friend on the Miami Heat basketball team.

My Favorite App Is Vine

My favorite app is Vine

This is my favorite app because you can make videos and then post them for everyone to see. You are able to follow other people and they can make very good and very funny videos. You are able to like and comment and also revine. This app is really fun to post because you can have fun with your friends, as you can play around for fun. The videos can only be 15 seconds and the recording stops when. And no you can not take a picture.

Titanic movie review


by: Payton Bates

The heart warming movie Titanic is about a man, Jack Dawson, and a woman, Rose Bukater(Dawson), Rose’s family is a first class, and Jack is a second class person. The way that they meet is Jack is on a bench and Rose walks by. When they meet he saves her life and Rose’s fiance invites Jack to eat dinner with then. That is when Jack meets their family and their rich friends. through out the movie they begin to fall in love with each other. As the boat sinks jack is charged for stealing and he is handcuffed to a water pole in the very bottom of the boat. Rose saves him and they get off the boat but not on the lifeboats but on floating debris . Watch the movie and find out what happens next!

My nursery rhyme

The Horrible Fall of Humpty Dumpty in the King’s Kingdom

by Payton Bates

Humpty Dumpty was sitting on a wall and was having a great day, but he lost his balance and fell because he is an egg and he rolls very easily. He was in the kingdom and he was talking to the king and he fell. When he tried to stand he heard cracking. All of a sudden he broke apart. The kingdom tried to put him together, but they couldn’t. They called the ambulance and they announced that he was dead

My Feature Story


by Payton Bates

Some people always ask about all the stars of the world but today I decided to write about Christina Aguilera. First she is a singer, and songwriter. She was born in Staten, New York. She was born in December. Her very first outbreak was when she sang one of her songs in the movie Mulan in July 1998. The first album was in August 1999. In 2010 she starred in her own movie, Burlesque. She also starred in the tv series The Voice. Before all the movies and tv shows she had got married on November 9, 2005. She had her son Max Bratman on January 12, 2008. But a year later she got a divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman September 22, 2009. And this is the life of Christina Aguilera.


Why I think that homework is necessary is because of these three reasons and three examples. We all should have homework, because it helps to understand the concept if the teacher teaches it, and if you don't understand it allows you to understand it more. The second reason is so you can have life skills and have responsibilities when you get older. The third reason is you would get more practice and more learning opportunities. One example, is so that we can go to college and graduate. Another example, is that you can live a good life with a good job, because you went to college and did well. The last example is that you could have money, so that you could live in a nice house, have a family, and you could pay for their food and all the things that they need to live. These are all the reasons that I think that we should all have homework.