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This week we talked about noticing the perspective from which a story is told, while also paying attention to the perspectives of other characters. We wrote a reader's response from a different character's perspective within our own reading. We also practiced thinking analytically about our reading and making sure that we are taking the time to comprehend the story. We have guided questions to think about as we read. It is important that the student's are diving deeper into their reading and becoming more aware of the connections and meaning behind the events in their story.


We focused on small moment stories this week. We generated a list of ideas to choose from before we began writing the story. We encouraged the children to think about the first time or last time that they did something. We also talked about how important people and places can help us get ideas for small moment stories. We started drafting our personal narrative.


This week in math, we took the iReady Math assessment. That assessment was two, forty-five minute sessions. The remainder of the week was spent on converting units within the metric system. We also extended our understanding of our place value system by representing numbers in different forms.

Science and Social Studies

This week in Science, we investigated stars and constellations. The kids generated questions that they wanted to know about stars and then chose a constellation to learn more about. They presented their learning to peers and also created their constellation using a paper cup and push pin! Ask them to show you!

In Social Studies, we began our inquiry unit. The students were introduced to the QFT (Question Formulation Technique). As a team, the students looked at a picture of our Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence and came up with as many questions that they could think of. We narrowed down the questions to determine three essential questions as the focus of our unit.

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A Peek into Next Week

Reading: Next week we will begin book clubs to help us analyze our reading and build a strong interpretation of the books we read. I am really excited for this because the books that are chosen are phenomenal!

Writing: Next week in writing we will work on our story arc and make sure that we are writing the story that we want to tell!

Math: We will continue working with decimals. We will round decimals to any given place value.

Covenant Harbor

Please continue to return all Covenant Harbor forms as soon as possible. The health form, diet restriction form, and waiver need to be returned as soon as possible. The medication forms (if necessary) are due by Monday, October 1st. If you did not pay at registration, please start sending in a check for $50. Thank you.

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