Siberian tigers

endangered animals and species

Siberian (Tigers about them)

The Siberian Tiger is an endangered animal there is only around 400-500 of them left.There only found in the far East of Russia. They can be found in the snow

charatlistics on the siberian Tiger

Siberian Tigers are a reddish rusty or rusty yellow in colour with narrow black stripes on them.The body is 150 cm long and there tooth size is over 26 mm long. It has a body that can extended when standing on rather short legs with a fairly long tail. It is typically 5–10 cm taller than the Bengal tiger which is about 107–110 cm tall.

what there habitat is like.

The Siberian tiger can be found in many places they can be found in the mountians in the snow and on flat normal land but only far East Russia. The Siberian tiger sleeps under trees and makes them in great danger of other predators. These anmials are mammals and are in great danger please help to save them thankyou for reading :)

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