Alphabet Peacock

Year 10 Child Studies Assignment By: Bushra Raja

Why I chose to create this activity

I chose this activity because it looked interesting with all the colours and colours always make things look pretty and inspirational. It was also something I thought that I could create on time. I also chose this activity because peacocks are very pretty and their feathers are very beautiful so if I was to make this activity I can make it colourful with the coloured paper.

Why this activity is is appropriate for a 5 year old

This activity is appropriate for a 5 year old because some kids starts kindergarten and knowing what letters to put in a word is important. So they don't have to make mistakes like putting small case and bigger case letters in a word. It is also appropriate for a 5 year old because it can challenge them if they can do something different. it is also appropriate because if they do start kindergarten the letters shouldn't be a problem for them.

How this activity contributes to the cognitive development of a child

This activity contributes to a child's cognitive development because working out which letter goes where they are actually using there brain to work out the letters position, looking at how they are written, checking if they are similar to other letters.

They are also being creative and making things like smiley face, eyes, noses on it. The colours are also very important because kids can look at different colours and know there names.