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For the Week of December 2-6


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6th Grade AVID 101

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7th Grade AVID

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8th grade AVID

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6th Grade EXPL Careers

7th/8th Grade Careers

If your student has any questions or concerns, please have them email me and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Mr. Moneypenny

Careers Teacher

Junction City Middle School



6th Grade

Innovators and Makers

App Creators


Below is the link to the ELL Smore.



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Foreign Language

6th grade will be learning their colors in French and will need to bring their colored pencils.

Spanish will be learning adjectives and learning to write sentences describing people.

Technology (Robtoics, STEM and Design and Modeling)

Design and modeling- This week students working om making their puzzle cubes. Students have to design their puzzle cube first out of linking blocks and then use their prior knowledge of multi-view and isometric drawings to draw their 5 pieces. This project is due next Wednesday so we can test them in class.

STEM- This week students finished making their CO2 dragster and we raced them Thursday to see whose design would be the fastest down the track. The fastest time was .917 Seconds. Ask you student about their dragster and how it performed. We will be doing this project again starting today 12/6 so students can redesign and improve on their ideas.

Robotics- Students were challenged to redesign their dragster to be as light as possible this time to see if that would help increase speed when traveling 20 feet.

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Math Strategies

8th Grade Math Strategies

Eighth graders will be preparing for their unit test in the core Math class. We will be reviewing proportionality, linear relationships, and inequalities.

7th Grade Math Strategies

Seventh graders will be continuing integer operations focusing on multiplication and division.

6th Grade Math Strategies

Sixth graders will be working on fraction operations to include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with least common denominators. Students should be able to find the least common denominator of any two given denominators.


6th-8th Multimedia

6th Multimedia - This week we were working on getting done with coding our Catching Game in Scratch. They will have 1 day to work on it when we come back after Thanksgiving. It will be due at the end of the hour on Monday Dec. 2nd. Then we will start learning about the graphic design tools in PowerPoint.

7th & 8th Multimedia - This week we have been continuing to work on coding their Story Game Project. This project is a combination of alternating animation and games. They have a variety of resources in Schoology that they can use for help with their coding. They will be continuing to work on this project after Thanksgiving Break. It will be Due on December 10th. They are welcome to work on it over break if they want to.

Please make sure your student will have their own earbuds/headphones available to use daily in my class.


December 9th concert

By Friday, we will, hopefully, have built up enough memory of the concert pieces to last over the nine-day break. When we come back, we will have 5 rehearsals to recall, restore and refine the music for what I believe will be an excellent December 9th concert.

Why not ask your daughter or son to play something for you?

Physical Education / Strength & Conditioning

Sign up for the Snowman shuffle! 5k and fun run!

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Reading Strategies


JCMS Library Media Center

Link to JCMS Library Media Center Smore's newsletter


Vocal Music

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