Science Project

By: Divya Ruikar

Mir Space Station

The Mir Space Station was the biggest space station ever built. It had seven different modules attached to it. It was mainly built to continue research in space . It was first used by the Soviet Union, and then by the Russians.
Mir was launched on February 20, 1989. It orbited in space for 15 years. It was launched in the cause of the Soviet Union's space flight program. Even though Mir was mainly a Russian space station, a lot of Japanese and European astronauts visited it. The Shuttle-Mir program was meant to test different space shuttles docking with Mir.
Mir went through a lot of troubles and accidents, while in space. Progress smashed and collided with Mir. One of Mir's modules caught on fire for fourteen minutes, and flamed up. Mir itself damaged one of its solar arrays, while trying to dock with a shuttle.
Mir's final journey lasted until March 21, 2001. Mir re-entered the Earth's atmosphere near Nadi, Fiji and fell into the South Pacific Ocean.
Mir Space Station Launch 1986
Mir deorbit and re-entry