star trek

explaining the future in 1963's image and how it changed us

spock a non human man

spock is half human though. if his planet is light years away from earth, how is he half human? well lets play reality in this image. this takes place 200 years from now. as now we are older than spock and the vulcan civilization. even when it seems were younger than them. but when the show star trek appeared on tv in 1963 it changed of what we think of the future. so humans can get to vulcan in about 2 days while now in the 21 century it would take 50 years .

captain kirk

well we all know who he is. william shattner the future guy who plays on that cool show!

his life starts in space itself " i knew space was his destiny!"but his fathers ship was being attaked buy klingons. an alien race from the planet khronos. well when kirk was being born his father was going to crash into the enemy ship with him in it. and his mother watched him die. well later he got in a fist fight and ended up in star fleet and he met the pointy eared vulcan spock. well spock gets all sad because the klingons destroyed his planet and kirk saves the day and ends up being friends with spock and becomes captain of the USS. Enterprice.