1880-1920 timeline magazine

by:haley weigelt


Bessemer Process

The first steel machine that was invented that wasn't too expensive for most people. The British were the manufactures, and this technique injected air into motion to remove carbon. It revolutionized steel by making it cheaper and easier for people to purchase due to the prices. The U.S. wasn't interested in the Bessemer Process until visiting Europe for the ships, then they decided they needed to look into it. I am proud of this because it helped save money.

California Gold Rush

When gold was introduced to James W. Marshall, he brought over 300,000 people to California. People came from Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. At the start of The Gold Rush, anyone could just pick up gold nuggets, later they made laws that made it challenging to recieve any gold. Throughout the rush many terrorist attacks were created and many people we're worried, later on becoming hurt. Before the rush began San Frinsicso was very little, once beginning it became well known and a booming place. I am not proud of this, because I feel like it created terrorist attacks.

Meat Inspection Act

The Act was passed by Roosevelt in 1906, which dictates strict cleanliness requirements for meat packers and created meat inspections. This process is making everything sanitary and slaughtering everything. Also it is stored correctly and processed correctly. They were required to have many inspections throughout the year even if they were passed every time. I am proud of this because I feel like it made everything much fresher and cleaner.


Ellis Island

An immigration station on the West coast where Chinese were processed and interviewed before entering the U.S. Most populated immigrant inspection station through 1892 until 1954. At first it started out pretty small, later on expanding into a larger corporation. The island is positioned in the New York Bay and is protected by NY police. I am proud of this because it was letting immigrants come over, in a respectful way.

Tenement Housing

Usually owned by elderly people and people less fortunate, multi-family urban dwellings. Most of the families could speak English. People living in these homes were from cities including- New York, Berlin, Poland, Edinburgh, and Mumbai. An original tenement building consisted of having 5 to 7 stories. I am proud of this due to it giving the less fortunate a place to live.

Chinese Exclusion Act

This act banned entry to all Chinese except students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and government officials. At first they planned for this act to be around of 10 years until, it ended up being around for 14. Led to an expansion of the U.S. gaining power. I am proud of this because at the time it was right to not let the useless people into the U.S.


Settlement Housing

Community centers in slum neighborhoods that provided assistance to local residents, especially immigrants. A reformist social movement. The objective was for middle-class people to help out the poor in many different ways. Those ways included helping them with there education and lifestyles. I am proud of this because the middle class were teaching and directing the less fortunate through life.

Homestead Act

Congress passed this act in 1862, offering 160 acres of free land to any citizen. Adults that had brought up arms against the U.S. governement were able to apply, including women, blacks, and immigrants. This act was trying to solve the problem with people helping others, that away the farmers could do their own work themselves. Liberalize the homestead act from 1841. I am not proud of this, because I do not think anyone should we gifted free land, unless working for it.

Dawes Act

Passed by Congress in 1887, broke up reservations and gave some land to native americans. Was amended in 1891 and also in 1906. Named for the creator and the objective of the act was to pull americans out of poverty. At the time of this, many american citizens had very bad social skills. I am not proud of this because it is giving out land, even to the middle class.


Political Machines

This offered services to voters and businesses in exchange for political financial support. A small group that supports a larger corporation, also gains rewards for their doings. All the voting and support is controls the machines power. Recruits members based on money and political jobs. The machine workers would help some elections succeed more then others. I am not proud of this because I feel like it would help the ones out that didn't get man votes.

The 19th Amendment

This amendment gave all the women in the U.S. the right to vote. This all fell into place on August 18, 1920. Them finally making it right for women to vote, was a huge deal to all the women. All women had been waiting for this time to finally come. I am proud of this because it supported women and set the standard for what is still active in today's society.

Square Deal

Victimized workers that would receive progressive reforms sponsored by the Roosevelt administration. A program including 3 groups: control of corporations, conservation of natural resources, and consumer protection. Later on Roosevelt tried to extend his Square Deal, pushing for the courts. The belief in government action was to harm the hurtful people in the society. I am proud of this because in singalized workers that were eligible for the reform.


Monroe Doctrine

Demanded the European countries stay out of the affairs of Latin American Nations. The doctrine had stated that the U.S. would not intrude with the European colonies. The objective was to avoid situations that could interfere with the new world. Wanting the old world and new world to stay separate and never thought of as the same. I am proud of this because it made it not intrude and complicate into the future.

Yellow Journalism

A very exaggerated and enflamed style of writing. An example would be an exaggerated event that is on the news. On newspapers putting an eye-catching headline is very smart, that away more people will buy that just because they see something interesting. It is a fact that if you have a more interesting title, you more likely are to sell more. Which all this includes: sports, politics, and anything else going on in society. I am proud of this because when I see the front of the paper and if it's something that sounds really interesting, I will buy it.

Open Door Policy

An idea that all countries should trade freely in China, everyone should be treated the same. The U.S. avoided the political devision of China and took financial advantage. China was undivided and later on became a large extent. The policy was never a law, it was only a principle. It was bounced around between it being a international law or a treaty but they never decided upon one of those. Trading was much easier with the U.S. and the Chinese markets. I am proud of this because it made everyone get along in a repeated way.

World War I

Zimmerman Note

A message Germany sent to Mexico wanting to team up against the U.S. The message that was received was through a telegram which was written by the German Empire. The purpose of the message was so that the Mexican government would declare war on the U.S. The U.S. had a stronger military then Mexcio. I am not proud of this because the fact that it is war, but I am proud that we had a strong military.

Selective Service Act

Required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service. At first for the army they were feeding off volunteers, later on realizing they needed more people. Meaning that they had to draft people over. This was a big controversy throughout the countries, whether or not that be right or wrong. I am proud that they went off volunteers, but I do not like the fact that later on they made people join.

Trench Warfare

Holes dug in the ground, where armies fought for yards of ground, continued for over 3 years. Sometimes they were protected from the arms fire, if they were lucky. Literally trenches were dug up and they fought facing directly at one another. I am proud of this because I feel like it was a safer way to fight.