Remote Learning Middle School

September 18, 2020

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Mark Your Calendars

Google Meets/Zoom Meetings for Next Week

* Teachers may see a need to add a Meet/Zoom the week of. Please be sure to have students review their Google To-Do lists every afternoon to plan for the following day(s).*

**Absences from Meets/Zoom may result in loss of points**

ELA - Mrs. McCarty

Thursday for all classes at scheduled start of class.

MATH - Mrs. Drummond

TBD - Based on skills.

Be sure to look on Classroom for invitations and appointments.

PE - Coach Baker

6th Grade

Wednesday at the beginning of your scheduled PE class time.

7th Grade

Tuesday at the beginning of your scheduled PE class time.

8th Grade

Tuesday at the beginning of your scheduled PE class time.

SCIENCE - Mr. Cogdill

6th Grade

Tuesday & Thursday at the beginning of your scheduled Science class time.

7th Grade

Monday & Wednesday at the beginning of your scheduled Science class time.

8th Grade

Monday & Wednesday at the beginning of your scheduled Science class time.

***Friday: meetings by appointment***


6th Grade

Tuesday & Thursday at the beginning of your scheduled Social Studies class time.


Tuesday & Thursday at the beginning of your scheduled Social Studies class time.


Monday & Wednesday at the beginning of your scheduled Social Studies class time.

8th Grade

Monday & Wednesday at the beginning of your scheduled Social Studies class time.

***Friday: meetings by appointment***

STEAM - Ms. Eastep

Wednesday for ALL classes at the beginning of your scheduled STEAM class time.

Thursday Table Talk

Thank you so much for everyone who was able to attend our first Thursday Table Talk. We will continue our weekly Table Talk on Thursday, September 24th @6:30pm. Use this Google Meet link to join our Table Talk:

During our Table Talk this week we talked about how we can use Google Classroom to ensure our students are up-to-date on work. The best way is to have students open their Classroom and click on the To-Do list icon at the top of their Classroom home page. You can see missing assignments, turned in assignments, and even assignments completed early.

There were questions about the retake policy for advanced math classes, and how much advance notice will the district give regarding a remote option for 2nd semester. I have reached out to those who can provide answers. I should have answers for you next week.

Resource for the Week: A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

Do you need help? Let me know. Use my Virtual Office to get moving in the right direction.

Important Information/Reminders

Starting the week of 9/21/20
    • Meets/Zoom mandatory attendance. Exceptions for excused absences.

    • Absences from Meets/Zoom may result in loss of points

    • Assignment due dates/times are firm

    • Review the Late Policy for each teacher

    • There is a 48 hour limit for late independent practice.

    • Review To-Do list in Google Classroom daily with your students.

    • Review the portal with your student at the end of each week

Next week in Remote Learning

Mrs. Baker (PE)


*check google classroom everyday for announcements and assignments

*pay attention to due dates and times and turn things in on time

*attendance at google meets is required

*communicate any conflicts, questions, or concerns with Coach Baker as soon as they arise

Mr. Cogdill (Science)


Google Meetings are VITAL. It will be very difficult to pass Science without the instruction and clarifications provided on Meet Days.

6th Grade- Continue working in the Metric System with our focus on Volume (liters) and Mass (grams)

7th & 8th Grade - We will finish our mini unit on Science Process and Engineering Design. 1st Assessment (Test) will be on Friday, Sept. 25th.

On days we don’t have full class meetings, I open the Google Meet during your assigned class period to answer questions.

Mrs. Drummond (Math)


We will continue this week with reviewing skills needed for the upcoming unit. There will be a quiz next week. Please watch all videos and do the practice work assigned.

Please make sure you have your math workbooks. We will be using them soon. If you DON’T have workbooks, send me an email: with your FULL NAME and GRADE and your homeschool (PCMS or BARRY). If you don’t have workbooks, please use Mrs. Baskerville’s resource page to let her know you still need to pick them up.

Ms. Eastep (STEAM)


Check Google Classroom Daily for posted assignments, updates, and reminders.

Two problem solving approaches you will learn more about this week are:

  1. The Engineering Design Process

  2. The 3 Step Design Process

Your slide deck will be released Monday at 7:30 AM under the Classwork tab.

Pay attention to your grade level specific lesson. Please click on “Welcome Bitmoji” on slide 1 for video instructions & lessons.

Update: Work Rooms are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays during your regular classroom time. These are designated Google Meet times available for you to work with your peers on the daily task/lesson or ask questions and get help. (Details in your slide deck)

Mrs. McCarty (ELA)

This Week

Students practiced annotations and we began our literary elements unit with plot.

I have not yet put grades into the gradebook. This was to allow students to adjust to the general learning curve of virtual learning, to accommodate new, incoming students, and to give time for tech issues to be resolved. A day this week was dedicated to completing all outstanding work. This being said, students should be caught up with their coursework for ELA not later than Saturday evening. Grades will be updated in SIS by Monday morning.

A reminder that my policy for work is as follows: I will accept work, for late credit, for 48 hours past a due date. After that, the grade will be entered as a permanent zero. Most of the students have been on top of assignments and reaching out with questions and for help, but there are some that have only turned in one or two items. Please reiterate to your child to check the “To-Do” section of Google Classroom regularly to avoid the loss of points and to stay on top of their learning.

Next Week

  • 6th grade will continue to learn about, and identify, parts of plot in a narrative. We will focus heavily on conflict/problem, climax, and resolution

  • 7th grade will continue to review the parts of plot, then will focus on analyzing how setting, characters, and plot affect each other

  • 8th grade will review the effect characters and setting have on plot, then move into literary devices that help advance the plot

Please note that homework every evening is to read at least 20 minutes.

Mrs. Poe (Social Studies)


Google Meets are important to attend for content review and questions/answers.

    • Always check Google Classroom and Gmail daily for assignments and announcements.

    • Watch all instructional videos and do the work assigned by the due date.

    • 6th grade

      • Unit 1 Geography Skills

    (Latitude, Longitude & 5 Themes of Geography)

    • 7th grade

      • Unit 1 Origins of Civilizations

    (Elements of Civilizations & The Fertile Crescent)

    • 8th grade

      • Unit 1 European Exploration of Americas

    (Pre-Columbian America & early European Colonization)


Counselor's Corner

Just because you are a remote learner, doesn't mean you don't have access to the help you need. Counselors and Social Workers at Barry and PCMS are ready to support you.

Barry School

Mrs. Brandt's Virtual Office

Mrs. Richison's Virtual Office


Counseling Request Form

Barry Library now offering Curbside Pickup!

Barry library is now offering

curbside pick up!!

If your virtual student is in need of library books, you may put up to 3 books on hold and pick them up on Fridays between 8:00-10:00am and 12:00-2:30pm. Once your student has put the books on hold, email one of us at


and let us know what time you will be coming to Barry to pick up your books. We will have them outside at the curb in front of Barry at the time you designate. We are excited to be able to allow our virtual students to continue using Barry library. To learn how to put books on hold from our library click here How to Put Books on Hold.

To visit Barry’s virtual library click here Barry Middle School Virtual Library
PCMS Library

Mrs. Singer and Mrs. Robinson are ready to help you with your library needs! Click on the title to take you to their bitmoji page. There you can access the PCMS library database and place books on hold.

District Announcements

Parent IgNIGHT: Parent Tips for Navigating Remote Learning on October 6th!

Platte County School District's Parent IgNIGHT series of informative parent sessions is designed to include, inform, involve, and ignite parents.

As we navigate new ways of teaching and learning this school year, the Platte County R-3 School district invites all families engaging in full remote or hybrid schedules to join District staff in a discussion on ways to best support learners through these venues. We will address processes for teaching and learning, how to navigate the learning management system, and tips for supporting your student to stay engaged and connected to staff and peers through a virtual platform. Join us via Google Meet on Tuesday, October 6, 6:30pm.

Waiver Allows Free Meals for ALL Students

All students, whether in-person or remote, will be eligible for a free breakfast and free lunch each school day. Remote students and off-campus in-person learners can place orders for curbside pickup meals, which will include a lunch and a breakfast. Curbside pickup orders should be placed by 8am the day of pick up. Click here for further details and here to view our school menus/place orders.