Mexixo City's Modern Geography

By Madison Thomas

Visting Mexico city

Today I visited Mexico City and studied its Geography. Mexico City is located in the valley of Mexico. It's often called the basin of Mexico. It' altitude is 2,200 meters above sea level, surrounded by vocanoes mountains that reach evalation of 5,000 meters. Mexico City has many floods because they have no natural drainage outlets for the waters that flows from mountain side. Mexico City sits on Lake Texcoco.


Mexico City's climate is a very subtropicle highland climate due to its tropicle location and high evolation. Mexico City's average temperature is 54 degrees or 61 farenheight. It always depends on the altitude of the brough. The lowest tempitures in Mexico city is 28 degrees farenheight and falls during January and Febuary. In summer It reaches to about 90 degrees farenheight.

Mexico city, Mexico

This is a picture of a Mexico city.


Central Valley of Mexico never really gets Rainfall in the form of snow. it recieves only about 820 millmeters f annual rainfall. Theres 2 main seasons called rainy season and dry season. rainy season last from september to octobor. Dry season lasts June to October
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A Graph of Mexico citys rainfall,max temp, and min temp.