The Book of Time

By. Guillaume Prevost

Book review

  • Setting- Is a lab under a his grandmothers house.
  • Main Character-Is Samuel Faulkner
  • Other Character-His 12 year old cousin Lily ,his grandmother,Aunt Evelyn,Monk,Cathy,Mr, Faulkner,Thomas Morre,and Allan Faulkner.
  • I like Samuel Faulkner because he reminds me when i was his age.
  • What happened at the beginning is -he's grandmother awoke him up and he didn't want to go to the tournament .
  • What happened at the middle is he goes into a tunnel under his grandmothers house.
  • What happened at the end is in a weird looking room he found words saying "Help me Sam.
  • The problem is that he is stuck in a new world and cant get out of it then he found some people one of the people touched him and then he was put in the world he was in.
  • I learned that not to go any where dark and mysterious
  • The theme or main idea is not to go some where dark alone
  • I like this book because it is suspenseful and mysterious.
Lo Key - Forever (From "The Book of Time")