Sept. 12, 2022

Faithful Families!


Hello Faithful Families! School is moving right along and everyone is getting back into the routine of a school schedule again! As much as a structured routine is important, its also important to provide flexibility to allow kids be kids! I'm glad we are able to provide that environment here at FA for your children.

Below you will see info about upcoming events as well as how our school year has already started!

Thank you for choosing Faithful Academy to homeschool your children again this year.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

It takes a village, and I am so blessed to be able to work along side you and our amazing staff daily.

Students had a great time at our annual Howdy Day on September 1, 2022!

To welcome students back to school, everyone dressed up in western wear and enjoyed hotdogs and frito pie with dancing and games!

I would like to give a big shout out to the Seniors for helping set up everything for this event! Your service to your school and fellow students is much appreciated!

Our Gumbo Luncheon on Wednesday Sept 7, 2022 was a warm FALL Welcoming for all who bought some. Myself being ready for the fall, I was hungry for some gumbo! I made a huge pot of chicken & sausage gumbo and served it for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. Students and teachers both enjoyed it immensely. And the good news is Wednesday of this week we should have weather as low as 60 degrees! Welcome FALL !!!!


Elections were held and we have our Student Council officers and members listed below:

Student Body President - Josh White

Student Body V. P. - Jadon Seabourne

Student Body Historian- Jackson Darden

Student Body Secretary- Sarah Stafford

Student Body Treasurer- Hope Morgan

Judah tribe Representatives: Josh McDaniels & Jadon Taylor

Simeon tribe Representative: Libba Ruiz

Levi Representatives: Camren Davis & Jayden Davis

Upcoming September Events:

Field Trips

Tuesday Sept. 27, 2022

Levi & Simeon tribes to the Beaumont Children's Museum for a solar system lesson & activity.

Benjamin tribe to the Beaumont Children's museum for a color blending lesson & activity.

Please watch for permission slips to go home. All 3 tribes will be back at school before lunch and will have lunch at school as usual.

SEE YOU AT THE POLE Wednesday Sept. 28, 2022 8am-8:30am

See you at the pole is an annual event that FA has participated in since the start of our school in 2014. See you at the pole is a time of prayer when students all over the country gather around the flagpole on this day before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, community and nation to God. It is student initiated, student organized and student led.

We invite all families to join us in this event if you are able to go into work late.

Please have your child at school before 8am for this event.

This event is lead by our FA Students Council members

School T-shirts

This school years t-shirts that you ordered at running start are ready and will go home on Thursday Sept. 12 with your child. Remember that students are to wear the themed t-shirt to all field trips/events (unless otherwise specified) and the SERVE t-shirt is to be worn on all community service days.

Please note that the Community service scheduled for this Friday will be canceled. The facility that was scheduled will not be able to have us this week. The next Community service is scheduled for Friday, October 14 at the Food Bank of Southeast Texas 8:30-11:00.

Also please note - In lieu of Story Book Dress up Character Day this year, we will be hosting a big event for family and friends! This event will be a living wax museum called a Night at the Faithful Museum. Just like the movie, A Night at the Museum, our students will become living historical figures for our guests. Much more information will be following but please mark your calendars for Thursday, October 20, 5:30-7:00. This will be a major project for all FA students. In order to transform the students and the school, we will have an early release day at 2:00pm. Students will be required to return by 5:00pm to set up.

This will be another awesome event at FA. We can't wait to see our historical figures come to life. Rubrics and expectations will be going home this Thursday.

Bookkeepers Notes...

A huge thank you for to the families that are linking checking accounts or paying by credit card! This is so much easier for our system. Anyone interested in making it easier on both us and yourself, let me know!

Late fees will be applied from here on out. Please pay on time. This is just an added inconvenience for us to have to track down your payment. Please respect that we are doing many other jobs and do not have time for extra steps! Payments are late after the 5th of each month.

If you have any questions on your account please email or you can always call me at (409) 673-6828. I am always glad to assist!