Forensic Nurse

Samantha Fehrs

What is a Forensic Nurse?

A Forensic Nurse is a nurse with specialized training in forensic evidence collection, criminal procedures, legal testimony expertise, and more. They deal with investigation and treatment of violence, abuse, criminal activity, and traumatic accidents.

How is this used in Forensics?

Forensic Nurses are used in Forensics by providing care for victims as well as collect evidence which can be used in court. Forensic nurses are important for examining victims, interviewing victims, investigating cause of morbidity and mortality, and testifying in court.

What are requirements needed to pursue this career?

You must become an RN, have an entry-level position in sexual assault nurse examiner (certification), have 80 hours in specialized training, and to be familiar with a digital camera, an omnichrome, and scopes.

Specific Case

Forensic Nurses are very important in all cases. For example, in Africa there are very high rates of violent crime and low rates of conviction and prosecution. Forensic nurses have been very helpful to provide a good collection of medical evidence to convict and prosecute while also providing health care for victims.
Forensic Nurses