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February 28, 2014

Five -Year Technology Plan

As any good teacher knows, planning plays an integral role in the success of both the educator and the students. Although the scope is a bit wider, the same holds true for the departments at the district level. During the 2012-2013 school year, a critical focus for the Teaching & Learning Department was creating a five-year plan regarding technology. We knew this plan had to not only focus on the “nuts and bolts” of the district’s infrastructure, but also pay heed to instructional equipment and software needed in the classroom. With the help of k12 itc, our Finance Department, our District Technology Committee (comprised of district and building administrators, teachers, parents, and students), and survey feedback from all district stakeholders, a five-year technology plan was created for the district.

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53 Great Math Websites

Click here for 53 math websites for parents and teachers who are looking for videos, games, worksheets, printables, tutorials, calculators, worksheet generators, activities, or interactives.

Dan Meyer's 101 Questions

True learning comes from authentic curiosity. Too often we spend time having our kids answer questions and not enough enticing them to ask their own. Dan Meyer's 101 Questions helps us alleviate this issue. He offers an array of enticing images that ignite inquiring minds. The simple interface presents a photo, prompts students to ask a question and then allows them to share these with one another. Authentic problems can be presented in this way and students can dig into real life inquiry. Imagine having your class discuss a single photo and then sharing the question in small groups or as a team. After coming up with a question, challenge them to figure out if they can answer or solve it. Ta-da! Authentic inquiry-based learning!

-Education Week: Teacher

Let's Take a Peek in Some Classrooms

Keil Hileman, the Museums Connection teacher, and Erica Short, a 7th grade social studies teacher collaborated to organize an artifact dig at Monticello Trails Middle School. The seventh graders are investigating Native Americans and were very excited to be doing such a fun activity!

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