Way back during the Middle Ages

By: Makenna Oiler


Durning the Middle Ages, Feudalism meant that the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobles or kings held land that they owned, and hired people to work for him in return for a place to sleep. Manorialism was how the manor was set up, and how everything on it worked together to serve the king and each other. The Catholic Church often had a class system, which is the type of family you were born into you would stay in. Sometimes if the Church believed that you were going against them they would excommunicate you. In the Middle Ages, everybody depended on the Church.

The Black Death

The "Black Death", the Bubonic Plague was a deadly disease. It altogether killed 1/3 of Europe and Asia's population. There were many semitones to the plague that could kill you in hours or days. The disease was brought by fleas then brought by rats on cargo ships trading and traveling different places. Since the Black Death was going around it tore many manors apart leavening the peasants to charge more money for their items. To get ride of the plague they thought that getting rid of the body's would help, so they would burn them. That didn't work so they started cleaning up the cities.


There were many crusades, but there are four major ones that were study. All for of them were fought between Muslims and Christian. They fought back and fourth to conquer the "Holy Land" Jerusalem. In the 1st one the Christians one, but then they moved away and the Muslim Turks came and took it back. The 2nd crusade was won by the Muslim Turk and lost to the Christian. The 3rd still was the same the Christians just couldn't take it back. Then thy decided to send in 30,000 soldiers all under the age of 12 who NEVER even made it to the Holy Land to fight. The Crusades ended with the Turks taking over the land, but let Christian believers still come and visit it.