Genetically Modified Organisms

Tessa Ryan

What are GMO's/GMF's?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and GMF stands for genetically modified food. Both of these pertain to things whose genetical material has been altered by scientists. These organisms are no longer considered organic. Ultimately, GMF's and GMO's have started a debate between consumers and suppliers whether it is safe to eat the food that has been modified.

Benefits of GMF's

There are many benefits that result from genetically modifying foods. Theoretically, scientists can create any desired effect and therefore solve any problem that can arise in the food industry with the assistance of modifying DNA of food. Scientists have already used methods of adding outside DNA to the DNA of organisms, particularly plants. Some qualities that have been adapted to plants are:

  • Resilience to extreme temperatures
  • Protection against herbicides and other diseases that kills crops
  • Steady crop output to feed a growing population
  • Modifying to contain certain vital nutrients and vitamins
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Risks of GMF's

Despite the many benefits that are associated with genetically modified organisms, there are also many risks. There are twi major categories that show the outward risks of GMF's: environmental hazards, and human health risks.

Environmental Hazards:

  • There has been unintended damage to other species. Many GMF's are engineered to resist weedkillers, which in turn eliminates the habitats of many organisms like monarch butterflies.
  • Farmers are attempting to combat the newly pesticide resistant insects with even more pesticides. Similar to antibiotic resistance, the more pesticides that are used on an organism, the more resistant pests are becoming.

Human Health Risks:

  • Although scientists have concluded that there is no immediate after eating a GMF, they are still unsure of the long term effects.
  • A Canadian study has concluded that the increase in GMF's has been linked to toxins found in the blood of pregnant women and their fetuses.
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Should GMF's be labeled?

In my opinion, GMF's should definitely be labeled. By labeling the food that is modified, people' will be given a choice whether they choose to acknowledge the modified food or not. Since there have been no definite studies regarding if GMF's are one hundred percent safe to eat, it is undoubtedly the consumers' right to be aware of they are eating. With a growing number of people becoming scared of the risks of GMF's, they should definitely be labeled so that people can come to an educated conclusion about whether they want to consume these foods. Even though there no health risks associated with GMF's, it is unethical to deprive people of information regarding what they are consuming and the possible effects it may have on them.

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