plastic surgery

with or against?

what is the "plastic surgery"?

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure with the purpose of alteration or restoring the form of the body. cosmetic or aesthetic surgery are the most well known kinds of plastic surgery.

in the past, people who got a burn or a deform have a plastic surgery trying to fix the damage or make it look better, but now days, everyone who see an "error" in himself tend to have a plastic surgery to "fix" it.

plastic surgery! why..?

every year the media add a piece to the "perfect beauty" box, causing to add more pressure on the young women who feel insecure trying to reach the "perfect beauty", all these factors cause a self-esteem issues because of the inability to reach the "perfect beauty" she wants.

plastic / cosmetic surgery and teenagers - article

Young women feeling insecure, media pressure to get the 'perfect body' and an unregulated industry exploiting a growing market all add up to a looming crisis. So why won't the government step in?