I Want That Job


Job description

Veterinarian help prevent diseases and treat heath problems in a wide varity of animals

Cool facts

As a veterinarian you can help many different kinds of animals. You help animals give birth and meet many exotic animals.

Benefits to society

Gives vaccines to animals/pets. preforms surgery on animals also nurse them back to heath. Helps animal deliver there babys  and care for them.

Education and skills

Study animals bioligy and phyics in collage and must have a collage degree. Your skills needd to be you have to have dexterity and very good at managing and marking you also need great comunication skills.

Personallity needed

Compasion towards animals and you also need to be very caring for wild life.

Annual salary / projected growth

$82,900, 21% of more projected growth

Companies in this field

The  humane society of the U.S, U.S department of agriculture, ACA antech inc.