North Central Texas Article

By: Morgan Murley, Ally Zuniga, Aliaan Alwani, Prem Patel

Come join us on are adventure through North Central Texas!

Welcome to our route!

We just went through the best adventure of our young lives! We cant not express enough of how amazing this trip was. We went through the deep of North Central Texas and just came out stronger. Join us as we explain our exciting journey!


First off, we went to Waco from Dallas it was only about 100 miles! The Brazos River goes through the middle of the city. It was inhabited by a group of the Wichita Indians known asthe “Waco” which is how the city got its name.The city itself is only about a hundred square miles so you can tour the entire city.You can take a very fun and interesting tour of Baylor University. My group also decided to go to Fort Concho. It used to be a military base for protecting pioneers and patrolling the West.

San Angelo and Montag

Wichita falls and Cooke County

Wichita falls has a rich history. But first the origin of name is tricky. The Wichita river was named after the wichita people and the City was named after the river. The Wichita people before they were named that were called Choctaw Indians they were the original settlers of the area. If you go to the falls(the river) you will see how truly beautiful because not only is it a wonderful site its a great learning experience. When you go to Wichita falls its truly wonderful. So many thing to see and many bodies of water such as the Red river which is a great to fish! Speaking of the Red river, we went to see a very small county by the name of Cooke. You probably never heard of it but it is a must see. We went there to have an adventure in one of their ghost towns… Bulcher. If your a person who believes in ghost or spirits then this is your ghost town. We spent the day there terrified and mystified of the hauntings. When you walk in the town you will see the ruins of the old town. You also see the schoolhouse.The school house is empty but compared to the scary chills you get thats nothing. Near the ghost town is the cemetery that holds all people of the old town. You will never getting haunting experience like this in your life! We all dare you to bring your bravest face.