The Million Man Marches



Glory by johnlegend

The Original Million Man March

On October 16,1995 Louis Farrakhan led about 1 million (this number has some controversy) people in our nation's capital. This march was organized by local chapters of the NAACP and the National African American Leadership Summit. This event was brought up to bring attention to a struggling black community.

20 Years Later

On October 10, 2015, yes just last Saturday, people from all across the country gathered up at the steps on the Capitol. Led by the same man, Farrakhan and the gathered people called it a " Justice Or Else " rally. Farrakhan may have gathered more people, especially from the homosexual community and women if he wasn't so controversial. By blatantly saying sexist and homophobic comments. Besides this controversial leader this rally brought many attention to new issues and continued ones in the black community.


Live Coverage of The 2015 Million Man March BY CNN "Justice or Else"

Million Man March celebrates 20th anniversary