SWJH Media Center

Week of April 27

Chrome Books!!!

Mr. Russell's classes took advantage of the new cart of Chrome Books that the media center just received. Teachers can have students use the media center's cart of Chrome Books or take a full cart of Chrome Books to their classroom. On this day, students were researching different types of services and how and why consumer services are distributed in regular patterns. This research reaffirmed their understanding of Christaller's Central Place Theory (CPT).

Why Should We Read?

So many great reasons...

Students sometimes cringe when they have to search for a book in the media center while others are excited about the opportunity. Seeing an illustration like the one below can possibly give students (and even adults) some ideas about the positive things reading can do for us. As the summer approaches, I do hope that many of our students wrap themselves up with an abundance of books to provide hours of entertainment and exercise for the mind. So many benefits for such a simple task...
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Please return your library books by May 22!

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