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October 2021

September Terrific Tigers

September 2021 Responsible TIGERS
Announcing our September Terrific Tigers representing RESPONSIBILITY! This month's deserving students are Damian & Gage (grade 5), Elly & Liam (grade 4), Makenzie & Eli (grade 3), Sydney & Cru (grade 2), Gray & Westin(grade 1) and Cora & Bruce (kindergarten)! When you see them, please congratulate them on being such positive influences in our school family!

October's PAWS-itive Character Trait Is...


The PAWS-ITIVE Character Trait for the month of October is COURAGE. Courageous people tell the truth regardless of the consequence.

Principal for a Day

Any student that earned 15 or more Tiger Points during the month of September was put into a drawing to be Principal for the Day. This month's winner is Mackenzie from Grade 2! On Friday, October 22, Mackenzie will read the morning announcements, carry a radio, wear a name badge, visit with classes and sit in on meetings and shadow me for the rest of the day. I hope that the experience will prompt one of my assistants to choose education as a career.

Tiger Point Tallying

WOW! We are really racking up the Tiger Points around here!

Kindergarten - 1,901

Grade 1 - 2,521

Grade 2 - 2,276

Grade 3 - 2,497

Grade 4 - 1,549

Grade 5 - 2,667

Grade 6 - 1,218


2021-2022 PBiS Goal

Did you know that as of October 8, 2021 98% of our students have one or fewer behavior referrals? 437 out of our 444 students have received one or fewer behavior referrals for discipline thanks to our school-wide support and commitment to PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports)! Our students are making great choices and learning quickly to avoid repeating bad ones!

Our overall goal is to have 82% or more of our kids receive one or fewer minor/major behavior referrals this school year. We are on track to meet that ambitious and worthwhile goal!

Literacy O'Lanterns

We are encouraging families to participate in an at home project to generate excitement and talk about books!


  • Turn in pumpkins Oct. 21-28 to tables in the hall by the office. The earlier the better, so the kids can enjoy them longer.
  • PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. This is a project to get kids excited about books.
  • Attach card OR write on the bottom or back with a Sharpie: Name, Grade, Teacher.


  • Look for characters with simple shapes and pick a fruit that’s similar. Think about Arthur – he looks just like a butternut squash!
  • Pick Details! For the most part you won’t be able to fit an entire character and every feature of that character. Pick a few details to get it juuuuuussst right. Think of Olivia’s triangular nostrils, the striped pattern in “A Bad Case of Stripes.”
  • Use Accessories! Captain Underpants with REAL UNDIES, a raised Play-Doh scar for Harry Potter, a crown for Mercy Watson “Princess in Disguise.
  • WARNING -Pumpkins that are punctured, ooze and rot quickly! Please avoid, and stick with glue and tape!
  • There are a ton of possibilities -HAVE FUN!

Fire Safety Day

For Fire Prevention Week, the Townville Fire Department came to visit us today to give a fire safety presentation to our students in grades Pre-K - Grade 3. We always look forward to their visit each October. Thanks for keeping us safe! And a special thanks to Ms. McPherson for setting this up each year!

AG Encounter (Grade 5)

On Tuesday, October 5 our 5th grade students participated in Crawford County’s Ag Encounter! Experts from the agricultural community shared their knowledge and expertise about agriculture and where their food comes from. We also received Ag Encounter lesson plans to integrate into our curriculum as a follow up to this event. We hope everyone had a great learning experience and a fun-filled day!

Crawford County Career & Technical Center Assembly (Grade 5)

On Wednesday, October 13, our 5th graders attended an assembly with representatives from the CCCTC (Crawford County Career & Technical Center) to hear about the different shops available over there once they reach high school. In 6th grade, our students then take a field trip over to the CCCTC to see the facility and take a tour.

Grade Level News


In the month of October, kindergarten covers safety in our social studies...fire, bus & stranger. In science we discuss the season of Fall. In reading we are working on book handling skills and learning from pictures. In phonics we are learning our letters, sounds and names. In writing, we are working on our handwriting and labeling our detailed pictures with beginning sounds.

Grade 1

In first grade, we are all getting used to the routines and settling into everyday classroom learning. In phonics, we are focusing on ABC letter sounds and studying the parts of words. For reading, we are practicing how to build good reading habits and solving unknown words. In math, we are practicing both addition and subtraction skills and strategies. Narrative writing is our focus during this time, so our students are writing about things they have done/experienced in their lives. We also call this type of writing "small moments".

Grade 2

In 2nd grade during the month of October, we are focusing on long and short vowels in reading. In writing, we are continuing to work on narrative writing and teeny adventures. We are working on blends, digraphs, vowel sounds, and endings in phonics. We have started chapter 2 in math working on place value, three-digit numbers, and addition facts.

Grade 3

Third Grade has been busy working on personal narratives in writing class. They are learning how to take a small moment and develop it through the entire writing process. We look forward to seeing the published pieces by early November.

In Math, the students reviewed addition, subtraction, and rounding skills in September. We are currently working on Organizing Data and interpreting different types of graphs. As we move forward into fall, we will be starting Multiplication Strategies.

Reading time has been very exciting for Third Grade because we just finished up our first unit called, Building a Reading Life. This unit provided the students with the skills needed to develop good, independent reading skills. During this unit, we also enjoyed the novel, Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. We utilized many of the skills we learned during our unit while reading this book. The students thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Little Willy. Our next unit in reading will be Non-fiction.

During Word Study, we have been focusing on long and short vowel sounds in words. Each week the students have had a specific vowel that they have studied and practiced words using the given vowel sounds.

We always end our day in third-grade with our Second Step lessons. We all have learned about becoming respectful learners during the month of September. The students have practiced their listening skill, focusing their attention and how to use self-talk when needed. They also have practiced how to become assertive in a polite manner and how to get ready to learn! In the upcoming weeks, we will be working on empathy, identifying others' feelings and dealing with conflicts.

Grade 4

Fourth grade is living in the world of fiction! In writing, students are working through the process of writing a Realistic Fiction story. They are brainstorming ideas, developing believable characters, working to describe a setting, and using "show, don't tell" to bring their readers into the world of their story.

In reading, students are working to grow big ideas about their reading. Understanding that authors make purposeful decisions about what they include in a text, and it is the readers job to take the clues and put them together to construct meaning. We are learning to think more, notice more, and read intensely to help us grow big ideas!

We have been busy working on mastering the concepts of place value to the 100,000's place. This is crucial to all of the work that we do in math class so I like to take our time and build a solid foundation to support us as the year goes on.

Next, we will be reviewing the addition and subtraction of numbers up to the 100,000 place with regrouping. The students have all be doing a fabulous job embracing the 4th-grade expectations and rising to this more challenging level of work.

In Social Studies we will be studying the Five Themes of Geography. Students will collect pictures and we will create collages based on each theme.

Grade 5

Fifth grade students are going to participate in a PENNCREST field trip on October 5 for the Ag Encounter at the Crawford County Fairgrounds. On October 13th, instructors and high school students will visit from the Crawford County Career & Technical Center (CCCTC, formerly Vo-Tech) to discuss classes and future careers. In reading we are studying fiction, characters and reading habits. In math, we are working on division. In social studies, we looked at early native American Indians and in science we will look at properties of matter. In October, we will be finishing up narrative writing, entering a writing contest with our Ridiculous Writers Sagas, and learning FANBOYS and AAAWWUBBIS conjunctions.

Grade 6

6th Grade is off to a great start, and everyone is working hard! In 6th ELA the students are reading stories, poems, and comics that focus on childhood, specifically the challenges and triumphs children face. Students will continue reading stories that highlight struggles other children have encountered and how they have successfully overcome challenges. In Math class we have been taking our time reviewing concepts that are essential for 6th grade and recently started working with fractions. Over the next few weeks, students will be working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. In Social Studies students will begin learning about expanding west and overseas during the second half of the 19th century. They will learn how American farmers opened large areas in the West, how American Indians were struggling to survive and maintain their own ways, and how America began to expand overseas, and assume a role as a world power. Students will be using Happy Atoms kits to build technical models of atoms and molecules in Science. They will then investigate physical and chemical changes of matter by conducting Halloween themed labs and experiments.


Hello Maplewood Families! I'm so happy to be able to help you and your students connect to the art department through their Artsonia portfolios!

I've gotten a couple messages from families that weren't able to connect to sign in to their students' accounts. If you were having trouble, or that particular code on the pink paper isn't working for you now, don't lose hope!

You can try this link to take you there:



Message me at Swalton@penncrest.org

and I will send you a personal code to access your student(s) artwork.

The link code is a new addition to their system this year, so I am still working out some bugs, figuring out the new process, and connecting you through it.

Thank you for your patience. The kids get SO EXCITED when they see parents, family and family friends commenting on their work. It really makes them feel special!

Your friendly neighborhood art teacher,

Mrs. Walton.

Arts & Bots After School Club

Arts and Bots is recruiting new members this year. Arts and Bots is a student organization focused on building their knowledge in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines. The students will be working as a team to immerse themselves into projects with these themes.

We are looking for students from 3rd and 4th grade who are motivated, reliable, mature, and respectful. These attributes will be built upon as the year goes on. The students will be part of a team that will be putting these new skills and knowledge to use in student competitions and showcases if (or when) they become available throughout the year.

We will be meeting on scheduled Wednesdays after school from 3:00 - 4:15.

Students will receive a schedule when the permission slip is returned. Students will need to arrange reliable transportation in advance for any after school events.

Scholastic Book Fair

A Scholastic Book Fair will be here for students to browse and purchase books October 20-22, 2021.


Big picture


Class Dojo

Connect with your child's teacher on Class Dojo! We are school-wide and all homeroom teachers from MES are set up to communicate with families through this fabulous tool! Keep in mind that if you need to speak to an MES staff member who works with ALL students (principal, school counselor, GIST or a special area teacher), you will need to contact them through their email as Class Dojo works best for family to classroom teacher communication. If you are looking for your child's teacher, find them in our Class Dojo teacher directory!

School Messenger

Make sure that you are signed up for SchoolMessenger to receive important school updates related to school closures, announcements and important upcoming events. Go to this link and sign up today!

Digital Backpack

Worried that a note from school didn't make it home? Check out our Digital Backpack to see if you've missed any announcements, news or opportunities!

Our Students ROAR!

We LOVE having the opportunity to help our students succeed and we're very proud of them for repeatedly making the right choices. We hope you are as excited as we are about the great work that the students have been doing. Our recent SWPBiS evaluation confirms what we already know..... MES is PAWS-itively the best!