fighting for what is right

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Branch Rickey was the coach for Ohio Wesleyan and the tea went t Indiana for a game, they stayed in a hotel. The hotel manager wouldn’t let one of his baseball players stay in the hotel because of his skin color. Rickey didn’t just leave the player, he did everything he could to have the player stay in the hotel with them. (page 289)

Branch Rickey knew that the fans were going to throw things at Jackie Robinson, call him names, and that nobody wanted him playing but he didn’t give up on Jackie he helped him through the problem and tried to fix it. (page 293)

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“Rickey came up with a compromise. He suggested a cop can be put in his room, which he would share with the unwanted guest.”

I chose the quote because it shows that Rickey did anything he could to have the player that they did not want in the hotel stay there. (page 289)

“We’ll be in a tough position. We can win only if we can convince the world that I’m doing this because you’re a great ball player and a fine gentleman.” I chose this quote because Branch Rickey didn’t give up, he wanted people to know why he picked Jackie Robinson and why he believes in him. (page 293)

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Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson shaking hands
Branch Rickey talking to Robinson during a baseball game

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