A Child Called It Report

By Mickey Curtis


The book "A Child Called It" is about a little boy named Dave who gets brutally abused by his mother during his childhood. Out of all the times he thought about giving up, he still chose to fight for his life. The book is written by Dave from his point of view about his life from when he was 4, to when he got sent to foster care at age 12.

This book recounts all the abuse he went through, such as burning him on the stove, starving him and making him throw up after school to make sure he wasn't eating, stabbed him in the chest, locked him in the bathroom with a bucket of ammonia and Clorox, made him drink spoonfuls of ammonia, fed him scraps of bad meat, and even more.

"You don't get over it, just accept it." -Dave Pelzer


When Dave got rescued, he was sent to foster care until he was 18, and then he joined the Air Force. A while later in his life is when he wrote his first book, "A Child Called It." Well he then went on to write 7 books total! Which really just shows how great it was that he fought to survive all these years, and because of that, he's been able to use his talent to tell his story and spread the word about child abuse.

His book was an amazing story and I'm glad I read it. It made you start to wonder how a mom could do that to his own son, and realize that it happens every day to helpless kids.