Leilani nemesek



  • Graph in inches
  • Numbers Rounded
  • Coordinates rounded to: (0,0),(1,4),(2,5),(3,4),(5,0)
  • Vertex: (2,5)
  • Roots: (0,0),(5,0)
  • Standard Form: y=-0.83x^2+4.1x+0
  • Vertex Form: y=-1(x-2)+5

Water fountain from a distance

Water fountain with marked points

Picture taken at Walmart

Questions to be answered

  1. The water coming out of the spout represents one of the roots, or where the parabola starts.
  2. It's one of the roots of the parabola and is necessary for the standard equation.
  3. The maximum height of the water is 5 inches.
  4. It hits the tray 5 inches away from the spout.
  5. The domain for the parabola is [5,0]. Part of the domain is the distance away from the spout.
  6. The range of this parabola is [0,5]. It's the height from the tray to the vertex of the water.