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All about my life & future career

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Who am I?

My name is Philip Tran (Vietnamese: Trần Công Tấn). I'm currently 16 years old. My interests is military history, politics, history of Vietnam since 1945. The reason why I love military, and politics a lot, because of my great uncle, and my grandfather. They are commanders of the Vietnam War; although they are in different political views. My great uncle serves the South Vietnamese side (Democratic), while my grandfather is in the North Vietnamese side (Communist). These political sides in the Vietnam War are the main reasons why I like politics a lot. In my political view, I'm more in the Communist side which is the left winged.

My Life Line

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is more like a drill sergeant type. Although this seems to be harsh on some people. However, a drill sergeant is like a motivation not to be scared. For example when the student is too nervous to work, the drill sergeant tries to shout at your face to increase your spirit. Despite my unforgiving taskmaster behavior, I often have sympathy on the trainees, when I'm too rough for them, I will stop acting like a drill instructor for a while so we can form a bond.

External Influence

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This seal represents the government of Vietnam. Since I like politics, I study the government of Vietnam. The seal represents my grandfather who serve in the Vietnamese army. He told me many stories about his life, and it influences me to work as a politician. Even my grandfather made a big mistake in his life. During the Hue massacre in 1968, he kills about 2 000 people. So my grandfather told me about laws of war you have to follow.

Internal Influence

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During my spare time, I've spend time studying the International Laws of War. This influences me to becoming a better commander. I've also learned that war is not just fighting with no mercy. I want to join the army to stop these ruthless war criminals trying to harm any unarmed civilians. My ultimate dream is to defeat ISIS to free all the Muslims from trying to join the wrong side.

Role Models

General Vo Nguyen Giap, and my grandfather are one of my role models. These two are the main reason why I like to study politics about Vietnam. When I was 10 years old, my grandfather told me about his life in the military, at first "Is he stupid? Why is he risking his own life to fight in the war?" But then when he won the war, and reunified the country to its former state, I realized that war has a purpose; to make your dreams a reality. My grandfather is also my personal bodyguard, whenever I got kidnapped, he sends his troops to search for the kidnapper ,and rescue me.

My Future....

In the future, since it is my honor to follow my family tradition, I will be a commissioned officer in the future. This job is deals with great responsibilities, this job allows you to command any enlisted members, however there is a limit.... You cannot command someone who is higher than you, or use your power to threaten anyone. I can get this job by: graduating high school (Look at your marks and check your GPA to see if you meet the requirements), then go to university to learn about military arts, and sciences. If my marks meet the requirements, apply for the military school, and then train has an student cadet. If I pass, my dream will be come true.

My Family Symbols

Personality Results


Personality - ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

Interest - The Professional

Knowledge - Physical Education

Motivation - Recognition

Compatibility - Private Detective, Judge, lawyer

Colour- Blue/gold

Left Brained.

Careers Test Results:

- Commissioned Officer

- Non-Commissioned Officer

- Judge

- Police Officer

- Correction Officer

- Lawyer