The French Gazette

Prekindergarten- October 2015


Dear Families,

Students in PK3 and PK4 are off to a wonderful start in French this year! I meet with each class twice a week for 20 minutes. During that time we play games, sing, and work together using a blend of hands-on manipulatives and technology to learn new vocabulary and practice speaking in the target language. This newsletter will be delivered to your inbox once a month with photos, sound clips, and vocabulary words to show you what we're learning in the French room.

For the past several weeks, we have been learning how to greet each other, introduce ourselves, and how to ask and respond to simple conversation questions such as "How are you? and "What is your name? We are learning to express how we feel, identify colors, and count up to 10 in PK3, and up to 15 in PK4. This month, we will continue to review the vocabulary themes mentioned above, and focus on body parts, shapes and sizes, fruit, and verbs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I have so enjoyed getting to know your children these past several weeks and I look forward to continuing to explore the French language and culture with them throughout the year!


Alyssa Marcangelo

Detroit Country Day Lower School

French Specialist PK3 - 2nd Grade

October Vocabulary

We will continue to review greetings and expressions, colors, and numbers in French class. This month we are focusing on shapes, sizes, verbs, and fruits. Click on the links below to hear the vocabulary words for each of these topics. You have the option of saving each of these files to your device as an MP3 for future listening, as well.

Topics we will continue to review:

Topics we are focusing on this month:

Click here for vocabulary flash cards

Practice French with Quizlet vocabulary cards. You can download the free Quizlet app for your tablet or smart phone for fast, on-the-go practice!

Practice at Home!

Monde des Titounis is a French website with many different songs, rhymes, and stories for your children to listen to at home. We use many of the "comptines" found on this site in French class. Although the site is in French, it is easy to navigate. Check it out here: Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
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Take your children on an adventure!

Little Passports is a fun, educational subscription service that brings global adventure to your child at home. Each month, you receive a destination-specific package with letters, souvenirs, and activities perfect for children ages 3 - 5. It's a fun way for young learners to develop a sense of global awareness and explore different cultures and countries from home! Click the link to explore:
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