Peter Swan

Independent Success

High End Landscaping

Peter Swan is a skilled and seasoned professional landscape architect who has created a number of fascinating works for high-end residential and commercial places. His taste and eye for aesthetic have been the inspiration to several landscape architecture projects that have repeatedly wowed his clients and shown them his technical skill as well as his artistic touch on many projects.

Peter Swan: Artisan Food

Peter Swan is a landscape architect by trade, but his background in Humboldt County, California enriched him with much more than that. Right next to the biggest wine-producing region in the world, Northern California is blessed with rich soil, ample sunshine and a cool climate that allows many fruits and vegetables to grow around the area. And when the people re eating good, so are hordes of livestock, poultry and swine nearby that would by environment alone force one to have an interesting pallet in food, and a taste for the finest flavors.

Aside from all the wine in the area, local artisans pump out cured meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables and other such craft foods. It isn’t unlike California to be adventurous with their food; and there are plenty of options to entice the visitor and have them try new things. Peter Swan says the best thing about having such access to all of these delectable good growing up helped him veer away from food that heavily processed or loaded with unnatural ingredients. In a way, it helped keep him safe from lots of the harmful things that people had been ingesting heavily before studies revealed how unhealthy fast food and similar products are for you.

If Peter Swan were to make the argument that artisan foods saved his life; well, no one would argue with him. They save lots of lives; just about anyone who visits where he comes from and gets to taste the deliciousness that raised him.

Peter Swan - Eastbound

Peter Swan has lived in Northern California all of his life. For him, there was no better place to grow up. He had a loving family who raised him well, and parents who taught him the values of hard work, determination and independence. In school, he performed well and received good grades and was well-received by his peers, but he didn’t engage with them as much as a regular high school boy would. He had taken up a landscaping job for a contractor, and started to gain a heavy interest in starting his own landscaping business when he became older.

When that time came, not only did he have the skills in the dirt but Peter Swan had also developed a business sense as well as a creative ability implement his own artistic flare into every project he touched. And that flare turned into a shooting star once the public started seeing his boutique deigns decorating houses, country clubs and commercial areas throughout his hometown. In Humboldt he had made it as a top professional. But once he got there, he realized he wanted a new challenge.

So now, he is packing his bags to head to Charlotte, NC and get a taste of East Coast life. He plans to bring his business with him and show others a sample of the landscapes he grew up around by replicating them on their own high end properties. He cannot wait for the challenge that awaits him on the other side of the country.