Books I have read

1. Hatchet

Gary Paulsen


It was on a boy that was in an air plain and the pilot had a hart attack and he had to fly the plain and he went down in the Canadian wilderness.

I would give this book a 4 I really liked this book it was pretty close to real and it was very factual about what what you would do and what would happen. There was a few parts that I had questioned on but other wise it was good.

2.Brians winter

Gary Paulsen


It was the follow up Hatchet and it was the book were the Cree family saves him.

I would give this book a 4 I really liked this book because it was on the outdoors and I like to do stuff it the outdoors In this one there was not really a part that I did not like.

3.Brains Return

Gary Paulsen


He goes back to the wilderness to see the Cree Family.

I would give it a 4 because there were parts I liked and parts that were not how you would do them in the normal world.


Gary Paulsen


He is emotionally involved with a deer and won't stop till he touches the deer.

I would give it a 4 I really liked this book cause I like to hunt and that is what he was doing in most of the book but the part were he had to track it down and touch it was not all that real.

Write To Learn

Dear President,

Children spend nearly triple the time playing video games or watching TV than they do reading during the summer. I imagine that you already know this information, but I would like to offer some thoughts on how to encourage younger students to pick up a book this summer. Reading can bring out our imaginations if done in creative ways. I, personal think reading is fun. Reading brings the best out of me. I like to pick up a book and read.

I see kids in our age bracket enjoy playing video games and watching TV, but we are also very creative. I have thought of a creative way to encourage all kids to read books during the summer. My recommendation would be to create a book similar to a TV show or a popular video game. In order to do this, we would need to get a majority of children together and brainstorm some shows and games they enjoy. This creativity allows us to be involved and allows us to create a book to read. I believe that kids working together on this project would flourish in reading books. One thing I would have to say is that I don't like how much kids sit inside and play on games. I think if kids would go read a book they would enjoy it. Nothing is better than to get a good book and begin to read.

I also think that an author should come out with an outdoors series. I know that when I tried to find some outdoors books there was some but not many. I know that if someone tried to find outdoors books to read they will not find very many of them. I have almost read all of the outdoors books, and I don't like many other books so I don't read as much as I could. That is another way to get people to read more is to get books they like and in many different verities. Not everyone likes to read about romance and drama. I like reading about the outdoors. I like going outside and working and then coming in to read a little in my book.

Reading during the summer is always a challenge for younger kids. I feel this project has positive learning techniques and starts kids reading books. This would encourage kids to read in their free time or by a tree relaxing. We are drawn to the ideas that spark our interests so offer us a book in that area and in return, give us a school reward when we return to school in the fall. It is worth a try to get more books in all our hands for the summer. Reading is for everyone!


Preston Sundblad


I have learned a lot this year. I have learned to write different types of sentence. I have also learned Avtive readers form and many other things. There are so many things I am not going to name them all off. I will be using Active Reading in the future.

I will use a lot of Literary Elements. Like the plot I will use to write story's and to figure out were they are in the story. I will also use conflict to figure out what is going on in the story.

I will use setting to figure out where the are in the story. That is just some of what I will use of Literary Elements