The Mysterious Benedict Society

Author: Trenton Lee Stewert By Alexis Orr

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Sequencing Events

  • The first main event is when Reynie first sees the tests. He goes and passes all of the three tests.
  • The second main event is when he meets Sticky and Kate. He meets them when they are about to take another test.
  • The next main event is when the take the test in the house where they have to get to the stairs. That is when they also meet Constance.
  • The next main event is when they meet Mr.Benedict. That is also when they learn about the secret messages.
  • Then the next main event is when they go and get registered to The Learning Institute for the Very Enlighted where the kids learn how to L.I.V.E!
  • The next main event is when they meet Mr.Curtain and realize that he is Mr.Benedict's twin brother.
  • Then Sticky and Reynie become messengers and get their first session in The Whisperer, and realize that he will use it to "fix" problems all around the world.
  • Next they figure out Mr.Curtains real plan is to brainwash every one so that he will be known world wide and will control everyone.
  • The next main event is when Constance goes in the Whisperer and confuses it with her stubborness.
  • Finally they all return home safely. Constance is adopted by Mr. Benedict, Sticky's family returns, Miss Perumal adopts Reynie, and Kate moves in with Milligan, her long lost father.

Cause & Effect Relationships

-One cause and effect relationship is when Reynie saw the ads in the newspaper and decided to take the tests, and passed them all, and was able to meet Mr. Benedict and become a part of the Society.

-Another is when Sticky and Contance decided to cheat to become messengers, but Sticky got caught and was sent to the Waiting Room.

-One cause and effect relationship is when Kate was trying to hurry away into the water, but was too clumsy to realize that she left footprints in the sand.

-Another is when Kate was Swimming through the water and dropped a marble, which made her have to drop them all so she wouldn't get caught.

-Finally, when Milligan was digging through the mud and clay from the Waiting Room, he realized his true identity was that he was Kate's long lost father!

Compare & Contrast Characters

Kate-Kate is a very outgoing girl who will take any risk for her friends, even if it means risking it all. She is also very creative with her bucket at her side. If I was forming a team, I would definitely want her included with me.

Sticky-Sticky is a super smart kid who has a special "superpower". Whenever he reads or hears something, He can instantly remember it and say it at any time, no matter how long ago he heard it.

Sticky & Kate-They are both very unique in there own ways. Even though they don't think the same way or agree all the time, they still make their idea's work.

Main Idea vs. Theme





4.Self doubt



Main Idea

1.Sometimes your weaknesses are you greatest strengths.

2.Sometimes things are not always as they seem.

3.They all thought the team wasn't complete without every one there.

4.They thought they were not capable because she was a kid.

5.They were all special in their own way.

Character & Conflicts

Man vs. Man-I think the man versus man is when Constance picks on Sticky and they star to bicker and fight. I also think it is man versus man when Number two and Rhonda are overprotective of Mr.Benedict.

Man vs. Self-I thought it was man versus self when Sticky thought he was going to crack under preasure and would reveal the whole plan. Also when Kate wasmad at herself for not saving the day by herself.

Man vs. Nature-I think it was man vs. nature when Sticky and Constance both got swallowed by the ivy trap. Also when they used some other plant to make everybody sick so Sticky and Reynie could get e turn in the Whisperer early.

Man vs. Society-I believe it was man vs. society when the government wouldn't believe Mr. Benedict's assumptions about the missing government people. Also when Reynie was teased by kids in the orphanagefor being smarter and different.

Personal Perspectives

I think that Kate's thoughts help the readers understand that she believes that she is capable of just about everything. I think that when she was running back and forth from the orphanage, she thought that she was capable of doing the impossible. One example is when she thought she could take down Mr. Curtain by herself, but almost got caught doing it.


The book starts at an orphanage where we meet Reynard Muldoon, a really smart kid at the orphanage with a tutor named Ms.Perumal. When Reynard ,(or Reynie), is reading the newspaper, he sees and odd ad that says "Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?" Reynie is tempted by this ad and decides to go and take the test. When he takes the test it is extremely easy, and he passes the test. The next quiz is extremely hard, but he still passes when he discovers a pattern in the quiz. The last quiz is when he meets Sticky Washington, Kate Wetheral, and Constance Contraine. Next theyall go to meet Mr.Benedict and learn about his plan to infultrate a secret Institute to gain some top secret information. While there, they realize that Mr.Benedict's long lost twin brother,(Mr.Curtain), has made a machine that will erase your memory, and that then he will trick them into thinking he is a good guy. When the The Mysterious Benedict Society figures this out, they try to spy on him and learn more about his plan. Kate finds out that Mr. Curtain has actually made dozens of machineas that are almost exactly like the Whisperer, accept not as advanced technology. After that, they realize that Milligan been pretending to be part of the Institute to watch over the kids. But while he's picking up a note they left for him, When they try to defeat him, it is Constance how confuses the machine with her stubbornness. Eventually they escape Mr. Benedict and return home safely. Everyone gets really happy when they are back home because Mr. Benedict adopts Constance, Sticky's family comes home, Kat reunites with her father Milligan, and Miss Perumal adopts Reynie. It turns out that everyone is happy after all.