flying fish

By, Nathan Little

About the flying fish

There are 40 different species of flying fish that can be found in all oceans of the world. They prefer tropical and subtropical water of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. Flying fish are especially abundant in the Caribbean Sea. Barbados was known as the "The land of flying fish in the past.

  • Longest glide lasted for 45 seconds.
  • They can travel at speed higher than 43 mph.
  • Their maximum altitude is 20 feet.
  • Their glides are typically 50 meters (160 feet).

Behavior of the flying fish

  • Flying fish can make a powerful leap out of the water into the air.
  • Their wing like fins give them their flight.
  • This is the only fish in the world that can fly.

Flying fish habitat

  • Some Flying fish are found on the outskirts of the coral reef.
  • Flying fish are tropical and temperate marine species that can be seen off of both U.S. coasts.
  • Open ocean provide habitat for most Flying fish.

Flying fish appearance

  • Flying fish have unusually large fins.
  • They also have large fork like tails.
  • As the Flying fish breaks the surface it spreads its large fins.

Diet of the Flying fish

  • Their pursuers include Tuna, Mackerel, Swordfish, and Marlin.
  • Flying fishes feed off of a variety of food including plankton.
  • There are about 40 known species of flying fish.