Green Turtles

ocean tides and currents

scientific name

the green turtles real name is Chelonia mydas

this is what a Green turtle looks like

they are very beautiful and remarkable creatures. as you can see in the picture they are a greenish/grayish color. they range from 40-100 pounds. the turtles have a huge shell that covers most of their bodies and is very heavy. spots are all over their bodies that are black as you can see in the picture above.

picture of the green turtle


this type of turtle is an omnivor meaning it eats both plants and animals. they usually eat what is in their habitat. they live in warm water areas. they are mostly in inshore bays and grassbeds. so they eat grassbeds, algea, and seaweed. they also like to comsume jelliefish and small organisms.

useage of tides and currents

for more than 100 milllion years these green turtles have been using ocean tides and currents to travel inshore to lay their eggs on the beaches. they come up at high tide so they can get further up the beach so their eggs wont get washed away by the tide when it comes back up again. helps them travel they just get on the current and ride it.