Ishiro Honda

An author of "MONSTEROUS" porportion

The Reasons Why

As a man serving in the army he loved to read and loved stories of the now ,but he hated the nuclear age of weapons thinking we would destroy our selves which also inspired the "Godzilla" series

His generes

He likes to write books of science fiction and graphic novels
Godzilla Destroy All Monsters

awesome movie and trailers!!!!!

Comic book Godzilla final wars

Godzilla final wars was a great end to the japanese godzilla series it had all the unkilled monsters together and one new monster monster X it is filled with action and monster i give it ***** and you should read it too

more about Ishiro

>He love writing from a young age

>He was a general in the army

>He disliked nuclear warfare

>He is a smart man

>He is also a director