My Bucket List!!!!!

March 2016

Surfin' the Beautiful Blue Ocean - Cancun, Mexico

I want to surf in that ocean because it has this beautiful blue tone to it and it honestly looks like a very nice place to surf with the nice fresh feeling of water splashing on you. If I learn to surf without epically failing i would love to get a surfboard and every time I visit a beach I would love to prove all the places I've been on the surfboard as a memory I would never regret.
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Huge Arch with a beautiful ocean - Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France

I want to go see the huge arch and the beautiful sea blue fading into the dark blue tone I also want to feel the soothing water against my hands.
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The Birght City Lights - Venice, Italy

I honestly want to see the bright city lights against the beautiful structured buildings and canoeing the calm river tides.
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The Blue Stars - Glow Worm Cave, New Zealand

I want to go feel the blue and green stars against the top of the cave because they literally shine just like real stars.
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Bahamas, Copperfield Bay (Musha Cay)

I want to walk in the sand and then it starts to drift in to water, but you're still walking and you can feel the water wave against your feet drifting toward you as the water gets deeper and deeper.
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