Vegas Dispatch

We Remember

Have you ever dreamed of a headset with a built in computer?

Go see Brain Jack the number one movie of the year,based off the book of the same name.

Ursula, the meta-system of the neuro-network, is learning. She has caused quiet some chaos in San Jose and other places around the country. Sam and Dodge escape the CDD headquarters with Vienna. Join them on their journey to stop Ursula.

CDD Chase

Yesterday at 3:00 PM, three fugitives, two males and one female, escaped the CDD headquarters in San Jose, California. They were last seen at the mall in downtown. They were reportedly were disguised with costume items they bought with cash. The mall security was helping, but they somehow still managed to escape.

One of the CDD members, Agent Tyler, was kidnapped and taken by the fugitives. they are said to be in the radioactive wasteland of Las Vegas. If you happen to be in Vegas and you see them, report to the police immediately.

Carolyn Hax: Serious Game Addict

Carolyn Hax:

I, lately, have been playing video games so much that I have lost fifteen pounds of muscle and water weight from the game addiction. I just can't stop playing. when I get home from school I turn on my neuro-headset and play until I blackout from sleepiness. I tried getting rid of my neuro- headset but I couldn't force myself to. Please help me


Serious Game Addict


Serious Game Addict:

I suggest making your mom get rid of your computer, neuro-headset, and anything else that can be used for gaming. If you see a computer and you feel compelled to use it, just block it out and walk away.


Carolyn Hax


If you need a job visit to be a waiter or a cook.