LAX City

welcome to LAX City

This is LAX city

LAX City serving the nation for over 10 days

check out LAX City this is paradice

LAX City is baller

Check it out

lax city

lax City

HELLO our names are will duncan and andrew zahar, welcoming

you to paradise.



Don't forget our transformations! An reflection is harrys head shop and larrys lax lounge, a rotation is the shaft shack and lax unlimited


If you come to lax city Will and Andrew gaurantee a fresh view of our dazzling streets such as Will st, Andrew st, lacrosse feild road, lacrosse unlimited lane, and stick st. All of these streets have one right angle but there is one that is obtuse and one thats acute. The acute street is lacrosse field road and the obtuse street is lacrosse unlimited lane.


As you can see Will st and Andrew st are parallel, Lacrosse feild lane and stick st are intersecting, and stick st and will st are perpendicular.


Harrys head shop, larrys lax lounge,lax unlimited, and the shaft shack all have two lines of semytry.

Area and Perimiter

Our lacrosse feild has a area of 42 centameters and a perimiter of 26 centimeters.


Harrys head shop and Larrys lax lounge has a volume of 719 centimeters.