What Are We Really Paying For?

Students Against Manhattanville's Room & Board

Many students of Manhattanville college are disappointed and angry with the school for its high ranking room and board prices. Not necessarily because of the cost, but because of what little they receive considering the amount they pay. Many students in Spellman Hall were asked about their opinions on dorming at Manhattanville and lets just say the responses were exactly as expected. William Cavanaugh, who lives on the ground floor of Spellman, said this "I have completed two semesters living in Spellman and I am glad to leave the dorm next year. Not only is the laundry expensive and inconvenient but our room is basically deteriorating from the inside."(William Cavanaugh) Another student, Steven Noboa, had a similar comment. "The other day I was looking up tuition prices and our school came up in a top ten category for highest room and board. I was shocked because I now imagine any school lower in cost being equivalent to living in the worst conditions possible."(Steven Noboa)