Unit. 4

TV, music& READING

What is your favorite TV program?

We like 1night2day, GAG concert and Modern Family(this's USA drama). Hyun Sung In likes 1night2day because it give to us information about traveling. Sin Jae Wook likes GAG concert because it is funny! And Song Min Jae likes Modern Family. Because this drama is very funny. And this drama's subject matter is a multicultural family. So I like this TV program. And if you see this TV program. You will be can't stop watching this TV program.

What newpapers and magazines do yor read?

We like to read Dong-a ilbo, new type and hankook ilbo. Hyun Sung In likes Dong-a ilbo because it close with me some reason. Sin Jae Wook likes new type. Because he likes the japanese animation magazine. Song Min Jae likes hankook ilbo. Because he thinks this newspaper is fast and correct. So we read these things. And you want to world news. You read these things. So you know world news.

Which game show do you like the best?

We like unlimited challenge, computer game show and golden bell. Hyun Sung In likes like unlimited challenge because it give us many laugh. Sin Jae Wook likes computer game show. Because he likes computer games. Song Min jae likes golden bell. Because this program participants are high schooler . And if they win this program. the program give scholarship to winner. So he likes this program.
Infinite Challenge, Parasitic Houseguest(1), #01, 식객(1) 20091107
토마스 공략영상 사이퍼즈 더헬 [Cyphers The Hell]

What commercials do you like and hate most?

Hyun Sung In hates insurance commercial, but i like food commercial. Sin Jae Wook was good all ads of GALLAXY, the samsung smartphone but I hate alld ads of olleh because it is always noisy. Song Min Jae doesn't like commercials. Because commercials are between in TV program. And he's waiting start TV program or radio. So he doesn't like commercials. But he doesn't hate commercials. Because someone needs those
삼성 갤럭시 S5 - TVC 카메라 편(30초)
농심 안성탕면 CF '우리 안탕했어요' 편 - 이상윤, 이유리