Civil Court

Bringing Charges


My client, Mrs. George, the plaintiff , is suing a man, Mr. McMillan, the defendant, for $500,000 for negligence. She hired me so that i could file this complaint. My client's son was at celebration station and he got on the go karts. They told him to go, but they didn't have the cones in the proper place. My client's son went the wrong way and was injured. My client took him to the hospital to find that he had a mild concussion and a broken leg. It was because of the careless actions that an accident occurred. Mr. McMillan also showed no care for the situation and didn't offer to pay, knowing the hospital bill is costly. I sent Mr. McMillan a summon notifying him about what he was getting sued for and when he should show for court.

Before the Trial

After notifying Mr. McMillan, he immediately called his lawyer who answered to the complaint. We heard the pleadings, the complaint and answer together, during the pretrial conference. It got very heated and Mrs. George and Mr. McMillan exchanged obscenities because both have a strong adversarial nature. The defendant side tried to use an arbitration to settle this, however Mrs. George was adamant about the lawsuit. They even used mediation by saying they would pay 3/4 of the hospital bill, but she didn't want to hear it. The judge called the meeting to a close, and said it will be settled on the court day.

The Court Date

The day of the trial, Mrs. George was there early and dressed nice. Mr. McMillan also came early and he looked sharp. When the judge gave me my chance to talk and I shared my evidence. The preponderance of evidence seemed to lean towards our side and Mr. McMillan's lawyer started to look nervous. After all evidence was said, the jurors went to decide the verdict. When they came back, although it wasn't a unanimous decision, Mrs. George won the trial, and Mr. McMillan was devastated. He was determined to keep his money so quickly appealed the decision and it went to higher court for review.