An Interview With Ms. Keeton

By Stephanie Pfeifer

Magnificent Teacher Shown Off

This is Ms. Keeton's second year of teaching and she is doing magnificent. She got her bachelors degree for teaching and biology at Abilene Christian University. She moved from Galveston a couple years back and has loved living here.

She started her first year teaching only freshman in biology, but her second she upgraded and is teaching biology (PAP and on level) and on level chemistry to sophomores.

She origanally wanted to be a Dermatologist but eventually she found her calling and it was teaching. And she is very good at it.

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Visiting Uruguay

Ms. Keeton visits Uruguay the summer of 2009 for college reasons.

More Into Keeton's Credentials

Grade levels taught:

  • 9th PAP and on level
  • 10th
Classes Taught:

  • Chemistry (on level)
  • Biology (PAP & on level)
Description of Classroom Environment

  • wood patterns covering walls
  • butterflies sculpture on wall
  • colorful paper used to label around the room
  • supplies neatly organized in cabinets
  • funny but also serious aura
  • calendar on board with assignments
  • science props scattered around
Teaching Strategies Used

  • thoroughly goes through test with students
  • ask students questions so they can stay involved
  • makes up songs and rhymes for kids to use for studying
  • uses real life examples that relate to science
Hours per week

  • about 72 hours
Biggest Challenges

  • everything except for teaching
Biggest Rewards

  • help students to find success
Self Motivation Needed

  • 10