Room 17 Kids!

Welcome to our classroom!

Just some information for you...

Welcome to This is a great website to create a pamphlet or flyer. Hopefully this flyer will give you some information about our class. We also have a great website that you can access at home and at school. The address is: I hope you will access it and use it often. There you will find our monthly calendar and other important information. You can also follow us on Twitter @millengrade3. Stay tuned and watch how we learn!

Things to note:


Mrs. McVannel will teach Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health and Drama. Mrs. N. Kazamzadeh will be teaching Music. Mlle. Doherty will be teaching French. Mme. B. Kara will be teaching Gym. Mme. Hartley will be teaching Art.

Things to bring:

There was a list of school supplies sent home back in June. The classroom will be supplying many of these supplies but students are invited to bring their own. Personal electronic devices are absolutely invited to come to school daily (i.e. ipods, ipads) but will be used only during learning time. During nutrition breaks, these items will be locked in the teacher cupboard and returned to the student at dismissal at the end of the day. Earpods or inexpensive headphones can be brought in a labelled ziploc bag so students can use the computer without distracting other workers. Finally students are invited to bring a reusable water bottle to refill for use in the classroom. It is encouraged that these water bottles are taken home daily for washing. We are also continuing our "boomerang lunch" program this year.


Planners are $7.50 and students are encouraged to purchase a planner, either through our school or independently. Millen Woods planners hold a great deal of information about our school including the Digital Citizenship information and in regards to our Electronics Device Policy. Parents please read the white pages to page 8 and sign to show you understand the information.

Website: Room 17 has a website that parents and students can access. Students will be using the website at school to access sites for math/language practice. Parents are invited to check the site regularly for information about our learning and for special requests. You can access the website by typing or cutting and pasting the following url directly into your browser: