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Week beginning April 18th 2016

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Sharing the Planet

Our Central Idea

Living things can adapt over time in order to survive.

The children will learn through a variety of learning engagements based on the following inquiry questions:

  • What are the different forms of adaptation?
  • How do living things respond to changing environmental conditions?
  • How do humans impact the survival of living things?

In this unit the students will demonstrate their understanding of adaptation and the impact humans have on animals and their habitats. The students will write reports showing their conceptual understandings discussed in this unit. The children will present artwork and research information about a variety of environmental issues. They will attempt to persuade an audience to take a stand and not partake in harming animals and their habitats.


As you may remember we had to postpone some of our trips due to bad weather. Please check below for the dates of each classes rearranged trips. Year 4 classes have been tuning in to our 'Sharing the Planet' unit of inquiry by enjoying two trips. Classes are following the Buffalo Trail at Ark Eden on Lantau and visiting the Mai Po Nature Reserve (WWF).

Thank you to those of you who have supported these trips. For the trip to Mai Po, we have asked the children to wear their regular school uniform (Mai Po insist on no wearing of bright colours as this will distract the birds and attract biting insects).

If it is cold or wet on the day of your child's trip please have your child wear:

  • long grey P.E sweatpants
  • grey cardigan/jumper and/or their fleece
  • trainers/gym shoes
  • pack a raincoat in your child's bag in case of rain

If you happen to have an inexpensive pair of binoculars and your child can fit them in their backpack, please allow your child to bring them. We will be able to rent binoculars at the WWF Mai Po Wetland, so, not to worry if your family does not own any.

Mai Po is a full day trip within school hours. Ark Eden is a full day trip and we will return to the Central Ferry Pier 6 at 4.30pm where the children will need to be collected.

If you are able to accompany your child's class on either of these trips, please inform your child's class teacher as soon as possible. Children will not need to bring any money or octopus cards for the trips. However, if you would like to come with your class to Ark Eden you will need to pay for the ferry yourself.

We need 1-3 parents per class for the Mai Po trip and at least 3-4 parents per class for the Ark Eden trip.

Children will wear PE kit for their trip to Ark Eden and their normal school uniform for the trip to Mai Po. They will need to bring snack, lunch and water for both trips.


In Maths we are solving mathematical problems through sorting, drawing, describing and classifying regular and irregular two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using appropriate vocabulary. During this unit children will estimate, compare and measure objects using standard units of measurement: length, perimeter, area, mass, capacity, volume and temperature.


Children are enjoying reading and deconstructing a range of non-chronological report examples. They are learning to identify key language features, text organisation and specific vocabulary used. In this unit children will create a non-chronological report about a fictitious animal that is suitably adapted to its environment, detailing its physical features and behaviour.

General notices

  • Please remember to sign your child's reading record after hearing them read each night.

  • Please make sure your child has enough stationery in school. At this time in the year they often need replenishing!! Pencils, sharpeners, glue, a ruler and an eraser are essential. Check the list on the VLE.

  • Please note that for Hockey children need to have shin pads and a mouth guard (they can be purchased from the PTA for $50.00 each). Rugby requires a mouth guard as well.

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On Tuesday the children listened to an interesting talk by volunteers from the HK Shark Foundation. Children heard about the plight of sharks in our oceans and discussed lots of various ways in which they can help support sharks.

Upcoming dates for your diaries

19 April 4D Mai Po Trip

Week of 2 May summer swimming begins

Monday 2nd May - public holiday
Tuesday 3rd May - KS CPD day
Thursday 9th June - public holiday

4 May 4J Ark Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

Friday 10th June - Disaggregated CPD day

16 May 4S Ark Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

17 May 4C Ark Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

Homework is on the VLE

Year 4 Homework is written on the VLE: Please remind your child to login and check the homework for this week.